The 2016 Local Food Summit is almost here!

The Local Food Summit Countdown Begins!wisclocalfoodnet

With only 5 weeks left in the countdown for the 2016 Wisconsin Local Food Summit, let us give you 5 good reasons why you should attend!

1. Hear Stories From Food System Leaders including Winona LaDuke, Darrell Smith, and Tera Johnson, our 3 Keynote and plenary session speakers. In addition, attend 25 inspiring breakout sessions presented by 40 amazing presenters!

2. Learn Practical Ideas for Farmers and Food Enterprises including information on a food buying club, farming and finances, and building local market channels.

3. Strengthen Existing Partnerships and Build New Allies From Across Wisconsin through networking sessions, table talk at breakfast, and other integrated alliance building time.

4. Discuss Food System Barriers and Opportunities from activists in our state working on issues addressing food security, health, and education.

5. Tour and Visit 4 Inspiring Farm and Facilities in Sheboygan, including a sixth generation homestead and emerging aquaponics farm, a successful hydroponic microgreens enterprise, an area high school who is embracing the emerging food and agriculture movement while inspiring the next generation of food leaders! In closing, visit the Lakeshore Culinary Institute and experience a state-of-the-art culinary facility that gives emerging chefs and young people an apprenticeship opportunity.

Does it sound as good to you as it does to us! That’s great…because there is still time to register!

Register Here!


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