Meeting Notes 1-19-12

Dane County Food Coalition Planning Meeting Notes

January 19, 2012

What do you want from the Coalition?

  • Develop a shared vision that all members are able to articulate.
  • Take collective action (Stanford paper on Collective Impact)
  • Need an assessment of organizations and what they do
  • Collective group could have political credence/sway
  • Forum for sharing info and reduce duplication
  • “We all want more local food available for everyone”
  • Be a mouth piece for what’s going on.
  • Opportunities to bring interns together
  • Group support for projects/ideas
  • Group to bounce ideas/ info sharing


Quarterly meetings

  • Be inclusive
  • Shared Leadership?
  • Don’t spend a lot time on mission and planning.
  • How do we push the envelope?
  • Shared goal and logo
  • “keep farmers in mind”

To do:

  • Mapping of resources/orgs
  • Sharing links on resource pages
  • Garrett will put together and share a list of organizations on Google Docs
  • Schedule next planning meeting for February

Possible Projects:

  • Edibles in the landscape
  • Increase access to healthy food for low income
  • Increase EBT at farmers markets

Present: Ruthie Young, Slow Food UW; Phyllis Hasbrouck, Fitchburg Fields; Kiera Mulvey, Madison Area CSA Coalition; Larry Johnson, Dane County Farmers’ Market; Chris Brockel, Community Action Coalition for South Central WI, Inc.; Linda Tschillard, YMCA of Dane County East Branch; Kathy Utley, Goodman Community Center; Kelly Maynard, Spring Rose Growers Cooperative; Miriam Grunes, REAP Food Group; Stephanie Jung, Farm Fresh For All; Kate Heiber-Cobb, Madison Area Permaculture Guild; Carrie Edgar, Dane County UW Extension; Callie Pederson, Neesvig’s; Garrett Peterson, Edgewood Sustainability Program; Jill Jacklitz, Community GroundWorks; Courtney Berner, UW Center for Cooperatives; Terrie Anderson, FEED kitchen; Kelli Stader, Wisconsin Population Health Fellow at DHS; Hugh Wing, Goodman Community Center; Joe Friesen, Fitchburg Fields; Samuel Pratch, UW Coop. Extension; Mark Voss, Voss Organics; Ali Loker, FH King Students for Sustainable Ag; Matt Covert, FH King Students for Sustainable Ag; Lauren Wells, FH King Students for Sustainable Ag; Martin Bailkey, Growing Power and DCFC; and Gini Knight, Madison Area CSA Coalition.

About danecountyfoodcoalition

A coalition of professionals joining together to promote Dane County food.
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